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SCC Requirements

New Members Group:

In an effort to reduce spam, we have introduced a "New Members" group. Upon successful registration and validation of an account, your account changes from "Validating" to the "New Members" group. This group has the following access rights:
  • Reply to topics (posts are moderated and require approval)
  • Crate new topics only in the Introductions forum
  • Friends System (but not send PMs)
  • Member Profiles and List
  • Edit Profile Information
  • Search
  • Answer Polls
  • View Calendar
Members Group:

Once your post count has reached 10, you will automatically be moved from the "New Members" group to the "Member" group. This will grant access to:
  • Create new topics in all forums
  • Member Blog
  • Member Signatures
  • Listed as a member on the site
  • Private Messages up to 50 messages
  • Status Updates
  • Reputation System (which only allows Positive points)
  • Tagging
  • Profile Customization
  • Background image in Member Profile up to 50KB
  • Upload images
  • Create Polls
  • Rate Topics
  • Comment on Blog posts
  • Add to Calendar, RSVP, Rate and Comment
  • View, Rate and Comment on Sports Card Shops listing
Content HTML and bbCode Markup:

No users are able to use HTML in the forum, only bbCode. The use of HTML is however allowed on Member Blogs.

Post Requirements for SCC Features:

Although there are no post requirements for viewing Checklists, the following number of posts are required to access the following features on our website: Community Contributions:

Our community's growth greatly relies on community contributions. Because our community (forums, marketplace, checklists, etc.) cannot grow without members contributing, we have come up with a way to "reward" members for their contributions to the community with what we are currently calling "Tokens". Depending on how many "Tokens" you have will determine how many cards you can add to your My Collection and items in the Marketplace.

How to obtain "Tokens":
  • Posting on the Sports Card Collecting Forum
  • Adding Sports Cards to Sports Card Checklists
  • Adding Sports Card Sets to Sports Card Checklists
  • Adding Players to the Sports Card Checklists
  • Voting on the accuracy of Sports Card and Sports Card Sets Checklists
  • *Creating Blog Posts (need to verify if counted in posts and if not, find variable)
  • *Promoting our website (feature not ready)
How "tokens" are calculated:

Every *action equates to 10 tokens.

((10 x number of posts) + ( 10 x (New CardSet + New Card + New Players + Votes))

Example for 75 posts, 5 new Card Sets, 400 new Cards, 10 new Players, 5 votes:

( (10 x 75) + (10 x (5 + 400 + 10 + 5)) )
(750) + (10 x (420))
750 + 4200 = 4950

(Please let me know if your numbers are not adding up properly, I can only test my own account!)

*Actions that contribute to building our community:
  • Add new Forum
  • Add new Post to a forum
  • Add new Card Set
  • Add new Card
  • Add new Player
  • Voting on the accuracy of a card
  • Note: votes are automatically assumed and added if you add a new Player, new Card Set or new Player - these show up with the new icon rather then a thumbs up/down so you know which ones you have added to our database.